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Further information on SCIP (Secure Communication Interoperability Protocol) / FNBDT (Future Narrow Band Digital Terminal)

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NATO’s new operating environment has changed drastically during the last decade. NATO and its member nations are continuously rationalizing their communication capabilities, making them more flexible and suited to respond to the need for fast, deployments both large and small. In doing so, several networks with very different technical characteristics are often used. Satisfying the requirement for secure multi-media services in such environment has become an even greater challenge then in the past.

Within the new emerging NATO communication network architecture this challenge has also been recognized. The aim of this conference is to kick-off an important NATO and Partner-wide coordination and development effort to achieve a capability that in the end can be used by NATO, the nations, the partners and the industry to provide secure end-to-end telecommunication services for their respective user communities.

The FNBDT Conference, sponsored by SHAPE, is intended for potential users, purchasers, and suppliers/manufacturers of military, government and commercial grade end-to-end Security equipment. The objective is to develop a better understanding of the FNBDT potential and the commercial opportunities; to exchange information on the current standardization status and to develop a way forward in a broad multi-national and industry environment.

We are planning a progressive program tailored to achieving a basis for the further development of the FNBDT system as a future standard for wide-spread use by military, government and private/commercial users. Sessions cover a wide range of topics including latest developments, architectural issues, legal issues, licensing and intellectual property rights.

On February 26th we have planned overview briefings on major aspects of the further multi-national development of the FNBDT system. As an introduction, the new NATO communication architecture for the next decade will be introduced and explained. Briefings are scheduled from the US National Security Agency, the owner of the FNBDT information. A number of other nations will present their national perspective.

On Friday we are planning in-depth briefings, covering technical and legal issues. There will also be an interactive session, in which a number of further development strategies will be discussed. It is anticipated that the meeting will provide attendees with an improved view of the FNBDT potential, clarify the way forward for the manufacturer, the user and regulator and will allow attendees to establish contacts with other business partners or users.

The FNBDT conference discussions and presentations will be in the English language and conducted at the unclassified level. Further information, including a registration form, can be obtained from NC3A conference services. Please note that registrations should be received before 31st January.

Directions to the Royal Military Academy can be found here or on the RMA web site.

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