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"Secure GSM and beyond"

Technical Seminar, February 2003

Review of NC3A's Secure GSM Workshop, June 2002

Approximately one hundred people, from 15 countries on three continents attended this workshop. In addition, several multinational organisations were also present.
The workshop was held to promote awareness of secure GSM equipment and its possible use within NATO and its member nations. Over the previous three years NC3A has studied GSM security and end to end encryption for GSM terminals. Recently, equipment has become available which can provide secure voice calls and data over GSM and other networks which is approved for use at NATO SECRET. The workshop covered recent developments in secure GSM terminals, key management and operational issues for these highly mobile crypto devices. The use of encrypted GSM phones over hetrogeneous networks was also discussed, particularly over commercial SATCOM services.

The workshop addressed:

  • Security within GSM standards.
  • How military users can gain end-to-end security over GSM.
  • Use of end-to-end encrypted GSM beyond the GSM network.
  • Key management and key generation issues.
  • Experience of military users with end-to-end encrypted GSM.

The workshop was open to all, but was classified at NATO RESTRICTED.

Click here to see the programme and selected presentations from June 2002.

"Secure GSM and beyond" Technical Seminar, February 2003

Links to Secure GSM Manufacturers

The following links give details of a number of secure GSM systems which are currently available. These links are given for interest and information only and do not represent any endorsement, approval or otherwise by NC3A or NATO. Readers should note the disclaimer on the left.

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