Stanag 4591


Future NATO Narrow Band Voice Coder

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NC3A Workshop on STANAG 4591

The Future NATO Narrow Band Voice Coder

Programme and presentations

This workshop was to inform potential users and manufacturers about Stanag 4591, the new NATO Narrow Band Voice Coder. To encourage users to specify Stanag 4591 in requirements, providing an important step for interoperability. To encourage manufacturers to provide equipment which meets the Standard.

The workshop addressed:

  • Why a new Narrow Band Voice Coder was required.
  • The process used to select Stanag 4591.
  • The benefits of using Stanag 4591 for users.
  • Interoperability benefits from Stanag 4591.
  • Use of STANAG 4591 in Voice Over IP.
  • Support from NATO and NC3A for manufacturers who wish to implement Stanag 4591.
  • Where Stanag 4591 will be used.
  • Where else Stanag 4591 can be used.

Stanag 4591 server

The NC3A Server for Stanag 4591 is currently being updated.
The server contains information about STANAG 4591 and encoded audio samples of speech in several languages.

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